Bleeding Yautja Ultra Chalice 3


Bleeding Yautja Chalice – One of the most gorgeous ultra-chalices in the reef aquarium trade! This beautiful variety of chalice has a deep purple base color with neon green splatters and vibrant magenta accents. The Bleeding Yautja Chalice is a show stopper!

Chalice Corals are a broad collection of corals that are loosely jumbled together. Several different genera of corals are represented ranging from Echinopora, Oxypora, Mycedium, and even Lithophyllon. As such, care requirements are going to be generalized more than other corals because these are very different corals that all get lumped together.

Indo-Pacific – Chalices are found all over the islands of the Indo-Pacific including Fiji, Tonga, Solomon Islands, and the Great Barrier Reef.

Moderate lighting is recommended for best coloration and overall health. Metal Halide lighting or a large bank of high output fluorescent can sometimes be tolerated but typically these corals do not fare well under extremely intense light. If not provided proper lighting, the colors may fade. Chalice corals tend to have some of the most impressive fluorescence in the reef-keeping hobby which can be best viewed under actinic LED’s.

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