Forest Fire Rhodactis Mushroom 2


Rhodactis mushroom corals are corallimorphs of the order Corallimorpharia. They are an oddity in terms of classification. Because of their soft bodies and lack of a skeleton they often associated with soft corals or even anemones, but in terms of taxonomy have more in common with stony corals.

The main distinguishing feature of soft corals vs stony corals is their polyp segments. True soft corals have polyp segments in multiples of eight while stony corals have polyp segments in multiples of six. In this regard, corallimorphs are more similar to stony corals because they have polyp segments in multiples of six.

The Rhodactis genus of mushrooms corallimorphs are arguably the most diverse mushrooms in the reef aquarium hobby. They can range in size from the 1” Tonga bullseye varieties to gigantic 18” elephants ear mushrooms. In addition, they have some of the most diverse color combinations as well as textures. If you can imagine a color combination, there is probably a Rhodactis out there that fits the bill.

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