John Deere Psammocora (WYSIWYG)

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John Deere Psammocora (WYSIWYG) Auction starting at $5 – Ends Sunday, June 13th, 2021 at 9 pm EST. Score high-end coral for low prices.

This Psammocora is a truly extraordinary specimen, has a green body with orange-yellow spots. Psammocora are fast-growing and tolerant of a wide range of tank conditions. iIts uncommon beauty is heightened only by its infrequent appearance in the aquarium trade. Though common in nature, members of the Genus Psammocora have led a quiet life, drawing little attention among reef keepers. That is until Coral Farm & Aquatic Life Facility propagated this hidden gem to share with the reef community. Coral aficionados will marvel at the addition of this unique specimen.

The Psammocora and members of the Family Siderastreidae are easily recognized by star- or flower-like corallites created as the septa fuse at the center. Even distribution of countless corallites gives the Forest Green Psammocora a highly textured appearance that enhances the vibrant green coloration. Though typically encrusting inhabit, species of Psammocora display a wide variety of architectural growth forms that add to the desirability of these corals.

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