Space Cakes Leptastrea (WYSIWYG)

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Space Cakes Leptastrea (WYSIWYG) – Auction starting at $5 – Ends Sunday, June 13th, 2021 at 9 pm EST. Score high-end coral for low prices.

Leptastrea are a relatively new species to the hobby and have never been a popular coral to the mainstream reef aquarist. They are a subtle short tentacled encrusting coral that appeal to veteran hobbyists that are looking for something different in their tanks. Novelty is a big thing when you have been in this hobby a long time and tanks start to suffer from sameness syndrome. Sometimes a change of pace is necessary and uncommon corals like Leptastrea are just what the doctor ordered.

Prior to 2012 Leptastrea were assigned to the Family Faviidae but they have since been reclassified as Scleractinia incertae sedis which is Latin for ‘uncertain placement’. This classification change is due to the Faviidae group being reanalyzed and it shows that it was actually a large group of corals without a common ancestry that had been grouped together and is now being separated out. Such is the nature of coral classifications – they are ever-changing.

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rlaurencio1314 June 13, 2021 8:23 pm $7
bigmunoz4200 June 11, 2021 10:08 pm $5
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